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Pouring Paint Set Sample Packs – PRE-ORDER

Pouring Paint Set Sample Packs – PRE-ORDER

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NOTE: This is a pre-order and this product will ship around June 26th.

These are sampler packs of 6 (or more) colors that work beautifully together as a set. Each bottle is 4 ounces of pouring paint, ready to use right out of the bottle. These are ready to pour bottles of custom-blended paint, perfect for many acrylic pour techniques.



There are currently several packs to choose from: BEACH PACK: Sand, White, Tur-Qua, Malibu Sky (metallic), Caribbean Teal, and Pacific Blue. PEACOCK PACK: Tur-Qua, Everglade Green, Gold (metallic), Royal Purple, Pacific Blue, Chocolate Magic (metallic) RAINBOW PACK: Primary Red, Inferno Orange, Primary Yellow, Meadow Green, Primary Blue, Royal Purple FIRE PACK: Primary Yellow, Golden Sun (metallic), Inferno Orange, Primary Red, Razzle Dazzle, Merlot A few notes about the paint:
  • I recommend shaking them when you first get them, but then you shouldn’t need to shake them before use unless you don’t use them for a week or more. Shaking them will enter in air bubbles which will give pinholes and cells (not necessarily a bad thing)
  • These can be used with almost any other pre-mixed pouring paints (Arteza, Decoart, etc.) with the exception of the Artist’s Loft Ready-Mixed (nothing seems to go well with those)
  • You can add Floetrol, another pouring medium, or water if desired.
  • The metallics may cause cells
  • If you don’t want cells, don’t shake them before use and ensure you pour slowly. If you would like cells, pour a little faster
  • I am perfecting my colors, so colors may vary slightly from batch to batch

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WEIGHT: 1.5 lbs PAINT SAMPLE PACK: Beach Set, Peacock Set, Rainbow Set, Fire Set, Halloween Set, Autumn Set, Breast Cancer Awareness Set, Mixed Media Dad's Favorites, Mixed Media Giraffe's Favorites, Mixed Media Guy's Favorites
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