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Mixed Media Girl Pouring Medium PRE-ORDER

Mixed Media Girl Pouring Medium PRE-ORDER

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NOTE: This is a pre-order and this product will ship around June 26th.

Mixed Media Girl Pouring Medium mixes smoothly with any acrylic paint to create a lower viscosity and increase the flow of the paint. The medium will reduce crazing and cracking, extend your color without affecting the acrylic stability of your paints, and will dry with a smooth, satin finish.



This medium CAN be combined with other mediums including Flood Floetrol, Golden GAC 800, and Liquitex Pouring Medium.
  • Latex free
  • Won’t get clumpy or stringy – doesn’t need to be strained!
  • Made in the US
  • Increases the flow of your paint and reduces crazing (cracking)
  • Dries semi-glossy or glossy depending on the paints you’re using
  • Won’t affect your paint color or opacity
  • Great for all acrylic pouring techniques!
  • Shake and stir gently.
  • Mix with any acrylic paint.
  • For most paints, mix with a ratio of ⅓ paint to ⅔ pouring medium. When using craft paints with less pigment, use ½ paint and ½ pouring medium. Ratio can be adjusted as desired.
  • Add more medium or water as desired to increase viscosity.
  • Flip, dip, swipe, and swirl!

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