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Embellishing Acrylic Pours and Fluid Art

Embellishing Acrylic Pours and Fluid Art

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Have you sometimes felt that your acrylic pours or resin paintings were missing something? Maybe you felt like you needed to add something to complete the painting or simply to make it better? Then this is the course for you!

This online course is all about embellishing (adding to) acrylic pours and fluid art. This course WILL NOT teach you to acrylic pour or create fluid art pieces, but it WILL teach you to embellish pieces you’ve already created.

Don’t feel like you can draw a stick figure? No worries! This is NOT an advanced art course, but a basic course for beginners – though seasoned artists will likely have fun as well! The lessons will take you through the embellishments step by step with very basic and easy-to-follow techniques.

Take the lessons at your own pace, in any order that you like, and as many times as you would like.

With over 15 modules, here is a portion of what you’ll learn:

  • What type of embellishment is right for your piece
  • Using a stencil, stickers, vinyl, etc. to add to your painting
  • Painting additional scenes on your art piece including trees, sea life, safari life, beach scenes, mountains and forests, and more!
  • Adding to your piece with paint markers, gilding, and gold leaf
  • Using mixed media techniques to embellish a fluid art painting


The following are the materials that are used in this course. You do not need to have all of them or even most of them, but it will help you to have as many as possible.

Additional mixed media items:

  • Glitter
  • Gold leafing
  • Metal gears
  • Beads
  • Sea shells
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