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50 Acrylic Pour Techniques

50 Acrylic Pour Techniques

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Welcome to the 50 Acrylic Pouring Techniques course! Use this course to learn and try new techniques, think outside the box with your pours, get out of a rut, or just have fun!

I recommend trying a new technique a day whenever possible, but feel free to spend entire days trying new techniques - I guarantee you'll enjoy them. Also, please take these videos as a starting point and do your own experimentation to come up with some of your own techniques!

If you need further instruction on acrylic pouring, such as thorough paint mixing instructions, color theory, how to seal your completed pours, finishing the backs of your pours, troubleshooting, and more, sign up for my Online Acrylic Pour Workshop.

If you are interested in making income from your fluid art, including resin art, sign up for my Fluid Art That Sells masterclass. In the Fluid Art That Sells course you'll learn how to make some of the top-selling forms of fluid art, such as geodes, coasters, and beaches, as well as how actually to market and sell them.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this course and happy pouring!


This is the FULL list of materials used in the course for all techniques. You are not required to have all of these materials and may substitute as you choose!

Acrylic paint (or pre-mixed pouring paint)

Floetrol (or another pouring medium)





Ball chain


Paper towels


Lazy susan

Split cup




Hammer or mallet

Plastic wrap

Ice cube tray

Cooking syringe

Pastry piping bag

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