“I started watching Mixed Media Girl's fabulous videos on YouTube. I came upon them accidentally and was mesmerized. I was really excited when I read that she would be offering a workshop to teach, in depth, her techniques. I was on the fence at first, but so glad I took the plunge. Not only is the workshop worth it, MMG gives members personal attention in a private Facebook group.  Any questions you may have, she will answer promptly. If you are really interested in learning everything you need to know about acrylic pouring, take this workshop. You won't be disappointed. I have learned so much from MMG.”
- DN


"Mixed Media Girl (MMG) is an amazing instructor! She’s easy to understand, tells you step by step so you can easily duplicate her instructions. Because of MMG’s online course, I’ve gotten better at all aspects of color combinations to designs., and anything in between. She’s quick to answer questions that help guide you along the way. The confidence I’ve gained has now turned into profit for me as my friends (and their friends) are buying my canvases, vases, etc. Never thought that would happen. Thank you MMG for this amazing online course."
- CG


"I've been an avid watcher of UTube videos taught by creative and talented pour/fluid artists over the past year and a half. Many of these artists helped me with a show last January in which I displayed over 70 pieces of my own artwork. It was the chance of a lifetime. But it was also potentially the disaster of a lifetime. Except I had MMG almost exclusively as my teacher. I attribute my success to MMG and the many hours we spent online. She didn't know me but for sure I knew her more and more as the time for my art show drew closer and closer. And I consider it a hit thanks to the expertise, talent, personality, and love of art MMG has.

"That is why I signed up for a spot in the online course. I am learning new skills and becoming better at ones I already had. I've become more self-confident about techniques and the use of color. MMG has an uncanny ability to address the questions most of us have about your personal art space, the tools you must have, and those which are nice but not really necessary.

"I really like the way MMG has guided me through the process of painting, not just a step-by-step account of a certain technique. This online course feels like you are right there in person with MMG. Best of all, I can walk into my paint place and apply my new learning. And I can go back anytime and revisit episodes (which I've already done.) I'm becoming the artist I always wanted to be and MMG's fun and engaging courses are helping me to continue to grow as an artist.

"If you've stayed with me throughout my thoughts in writing, thank you. If not, well, you can always come back later!"
- NW


"I enjoyed the beginner course! Your gift for teaching is evident - you are well-spoken, the instructions were clear and videography on point!"
- JM


"I just watched your free beginners video! Thanks so much, I’ve been watching you for a while, but wasn’t sure where to start. So excited to do my first pour! I’m going to order your book before I start my first pour. I really need some color in my house!"
- CV


“Your course has helped me with a lot, I've always loved art and creating things but never gave it the time I should or wanted. Painting was never what I did (I liked drawing cartoons) but since I've started painting I so love it and fluid painting had been a challenge for me but I refuse to give up and keep pushing myself, practice, practice, practice. I almost covered a lot of my first paintings but after taking your course I decided not too. Thank you so much for all the info and encouragement you have given me.”
- GM