The World Needs More Art

How does the world we live in benefit from art? How does it affect you and me?

Let me ask, can you imagine a world with no colorful pictures? No music? No pleasing dance? That would be a pretty bleak world!

Now, in contrast, think of a world where everyone created some kind of art. This colorful, exciting type of living is my goal! I am Marcy Ferro, otherwise known as the Mixed Media Girl!

The World Needs More Art

I think the world needs more art, literally. If everyone created some kind of art for an hour a day, can you imagine how much better the world would be?

Consider for a moment, what art could you create for an hour a day? You may think that you aren’t an artist and could never be. But, this is being too harsh on yourself. Could you experiment with some paint? Could you go outside and take some photos? When was the last time you danced? (If you had fun, it was a good dance and you did it right.)

If everyone created dance, singing, paint, photography, any kind of art that is creative, for an hour a day, the people in the world would be far happier and thus the world would be a far better place.

Now consider the things you actually do spend time on. Are they all useful? I bet some of that time could be better spent on art that you enjoy.

It’s rare you can say that one activity done every day would improve the entire world. If you watched movies for an hour a day or took an hour to post on social media every day, you couldn’t say the same thing. Art is unique. It uplifts people, it lifts their spirits. It creates happiness.

Let’s brighten the world! You can start by watching some of my tutorials.

I am happy to show you how to do Fluid Art painting step by step! It’s my purpose that you can do these things too!

Let’s create some art!

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