Making Fun Fluid Art at Home

Let’s get our spirits up! Art lifts people up. It inspires them. We improve the world when we add some happiness to it with our creations.

Paint pours are a fun way to add color and happiness to our lives. You can use a variety of tools for your pours, including a dollar store colander. You place the colander over the canvas and pour the fluid paint through to create many interesting designs and effects. Here is one of my instructional videos where I show you how I did my fluid paint pour through a colander.

making fluid art at home, mixed media girl
Heavens Opening by Mixed Media Girl

What interesting things do you have around the house that you could use in a paint pour? You never know what interesting effects you could create, using different things in the pour. Of course, a regular acrylic pour is always fun too!

making fluid art at home, mixed media girl
Zombie Shark by Mixed Media Girl

Having fun with your own fluid art pours but would like to have some instruction? What I recommend most is to take advantage of my online courses. There is a free course for beginners. And, there are several more for the more advanced techniques.

Let’s create some art!

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