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Resin Geode Project Kit And Class

Resin Geode Project Kit And Class

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Want to create beautiful geode resin art? This kit has everything you need to create your own geode pieces!


The kit includes:

  • 8-ounce Mixed Media Girl artist epoxy
  • 2 pigmented resin dyes (1 fl oz each) – violet and white. This is enough dye for MANY projects.
  • 3 micas (.5 oz each) – Diamond Dust, White Metallic, and Crater Lake Blue. This is enough mica powder for MANY projects.
  • Bag of clear stones or glass
  • 7″ precut acrylic geode shape
  • 12″ precut acrylic geode shape (shapes may vary)
  • 2 acrylic coasters (shapes may vary)
  • Gloves, stir sticks, and cups
  • A link to a pre-recorded class showing you how to use all of the products


Our Epoxy Resin Art Resin is crystal clear and formulated by Artists for artists to perform well with different types of additives, over different types of materials, etc. Mixed Media Girl’s products are USA-manufactured, bottled, and formulated with U.S. chemists.

  • Our Artist Resin is phenomenal for producing bright and radiant colors with metallics, dyes, and paint.
  • Made in the USA
  • Long work time
  • Zero VOCs
  • Heat resistance over 400 degrees
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Mixed Media Girl Epoxy Resin Art is self-leveling and cures hard as a rock with a high gloss sheen.
  • Regardless of what you are making this is perfect for jewelry, coating acrylic pour paintings and other artwork, geode paintings, molds, coasters, tumblers and so much more!

Best of all you’ll have step-by-step tutorials in our FREE courses, paid courses, and YouTube training. If you want to see something you think would be cool we love feedback and making amazing pieces of art!

An 8-ounce kit is 4 ounces of resin and 4 ounces of hardener, making 8 ounces total.

Additional Information

WEIGHT: 4 lbs DIMENSIONS: 12 × 12 × 4 in SIZE: 1-gallon kit, 1/2-gallon kit, 8-ounce sample kit

Technical specs:

Mixed Media Girl Formula
Mix ratio (vol) 1R:1H
Mix ratio (wt) 100R:89H
Mix viscosity (cps) 5040
Gel time (min) – 100 grams 70
Tack free 16-20 hr
Total cure 7 days
Shore hardness D76
Specific volume (in3/lb) 26.6
Tensile (psi) 4,840 (5,720)
Elongation (%) 9.5 (11.6)
Elastic mod. (psi) 148,000 (169,000)
Flex. strength (psi) 5,710 (7,600)
Flex. mod. (psi) 168,000 (221,000)

**physical property values are in the format: 7 day RT cure (24 hr post-cure)

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