50 Acrylic Pour Techniques

50 Acrylic Pour Techniques


Learn 50 fun and easy acrylic pouring techniques!



Want to learn just about every acrylic pour technique there is? Want to try something new and different in your painting pouring?

There are about as many paint pouring techniques as there are types of trees. This course will teach you a good portion of them – 50 to be exact. Each technique can be modified in various ways and any colors can be used as you desire.

This course pre-supposes you are familiar with acrylic pouring and paint mixing; it therefore does NOT cover acrylic pouring basics such as color theory, in-depth paint mixing, sealing your paintings, etc. This course ONLY covers acrylic pour techniques. For a course covering everything you need to know about acrylic pouring, check out my Online Acrylic Pouring Workshop.

Some of the techniques taught in this course:

  • Flip cup
  • Tree ring
  • String pull
  • Dutch pour
  • Open cup pour
  • Colander pour
  • Flip and drag
  • Bottle bottom pour
  • Swipe
  • Feather pull
  • Ballon smash
  • Reverse dip
  • Funnel pour
  • Beach technique
  • And so many more!

Each technique video will have a materials list and will walk you through the technique, start to finish. There are no specific materials required for this course, you can use any acrylic paint and pouring mediums or you can use pre-mixed pouring paints.

Once you have purchased the course you will have access to the lessons and you will be able to go through the lessons on your own schedule, in any order you want, and as many times as you want.