The World Needs More Art

How does the world we live in benefit from art? How does it affect you and me? Let me ask, can you imagine a world with no colorful pictures? No music? No pleasing dance? That would be a pretty bleak world! Now, in contrast, think of a world where everyone...

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Spice Up Your Paint Night!

One thing I always encourage you to do is to try new things with your fluid art. There are so many different techniques to pour the paint onto canvases that you could spend years trying them all out and creating your own versions of the techniques. You can use special cups...

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Making Fun Fluid Art at Home

Let's get our spirits up! Art lifts people up. It inspires them. We improve the world when we add some happiness to it with our creations. Paint pours are a fun way to add color and happiness to our lives. You can use a variety of tools for your pours,...

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The Importance of Teaching Art

Wouldn’t the world be a better, saner place if there were more art? My name is Marcy Ferro, also known as the Mixed Media Girl. I am a professional mixed media artist and teacher. I think the world needs more art. If everyone created some kind of art for an...

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Would You Like To Be An Artist?

It’s hard to find a child who is not an artist. Give them crayons, markers, chalk, and they will create art with abandon. Yet, later in life, you often hear people say, “I could never be an artist.” What changed? Probably someone told them that the art they were making...

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Looking For Inspiration?

It’s not always easy to get inspired. Perhaps you’ve sat with your paint and empty canvas and can’t think what to paint. You’ve worked hard to set aside this time to create something nice! But, you’re not inspired. You just sit there, miserable. Terrible, right? Certainly, there is an answer...

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